As event planners, the team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is familiar with fielding questions from our clients and answering them in the best ways possible. However, there are a few constant questions we face on a daily basis that aren’t as productive, and we’d like to take some time to address them:

1. Oh, so you’re a party planner?

In a certain sense yes, if the goal of your event is to celebrate, but that’s only part of the story. Here at Fourth Wall, we’ll work on everything from office meetings to major corporate events, so I guess it all depends on how you define “party”.

2. What is it that you do?

What don’t we do? When an event comes together it should be seamless as all the moving parts work in unison, and whom do you think coordinated all that?

3. Do you need a degree?

It’s not totally necessary, but it certainly helps. A degree in finance can help you better budget events while a marketing or public relations degree can help you promote events.

4. Do you have tons of celebrities in your phonebook?

Maybe… maybe not… we’re professionals, and we respect the privacy of our clients, entertainment, and guests. You’ll just have to attend one of our events to find out.   

Have any more questions for us? We’d be happy to answer them. Contact McVeigh Global Meetings and Events today!