A lot more than you think! The holidays are a busy time for event planning, and as Santa chills out following his busiest night of the year, Event Manger Blog recently highlighted the reasons he would make the best event planner in the business.

  • He’s in many places at once– A great event planner knows every aspect of the planning and execution process, making it seem like he or she is in many locations at once.
  • He’s always holly and jolly – Planning an event is hard work and so is delivering toys across the globe. Despite all this, it’s important to keep a smile on your face.
  • He has the best team around – Santa has his elves, event planners have their trusted team of assistants, AV professionals, and caterers. Always surround yourself with the best team around.
  • He’s always on time– Punctuality is key. Santa is never late and neither should an event planner.
  • He’s original but recognizable – The red suit and white beard are recognized all over the world. A great event planner will brand your event in a unique way that sticks out in the mind of attendees. 
  • He has a list and checks it twice– Whether you’re keeping track of naughty and nice kids or all the moving parts of a major corporate event, organization is essential!
  • He inspires awe– An event needs to be entertaining and awe-inspiring. You want your guests walking away feeling like a kid who just met Santa.

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