Corporate event registration needs to be quick and painless. After all, registration is usually the first touch point, and if it’s lousy, then this sets the tone for the rest of the event.

Don’t start off registration on the wrong foot by allowing long wait times and inefficient service. Frustrated attendees will bring their feelings into the event, which might cause them to lose sight of your purpose. This makes it 10 times harder to get them to interact with you.

A great registration process maintains energy levels. You’ll definitely want to make sure everything goes well the first time around. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure a great experience for everyone. Here are three ways to make your event registration run smoothly:

1. Pre-registration

Having people sign up online ahead of time and then receiving their materials digitally just before the event reduces the number of people waiting in line. Usually at corporate functions, people can head straight to their first class or speaker with just their badge and event app on their smart phone. The online registration platform should also be kept open for as long as possible. This reduces the amount of first-time registers while promoting efficiency at the venue. People can just pick up their badge and materials quickly without waiting.

2. Registration desk

First impressions matter. That’s why having a presentable desk serving as a customer touch point while being easy to find remains essential. Have smart, enthusiastic, and trained staff members welcoming and assisting guests at every turn. Staff members who aren’t trained will hold up lines, cause frustrations, and hinder the guest experience. You want people who can help with anything and everything. Furthermore, keep your registration desk open throughout the event. At least one person should be available to assist someone no matter the size of the issue. When no one is around to help, minor problems could snowball into bigger problems as guests look somewhere else for support.

3. Technology

Use the latest tech in all aspects of your registration. Partner with a company that offers the most savvy, convenient, and latest trends in software. This software should simplify and speed up the registration process so you can worry about more important things. You can get automated invitations, RSVP systems, RFID monitoring, feedback, apps, and more. Plus, all of these options can link back to the registration database for even easier operations. No need to have one person with a clipboard anymore. Everything you need will be accessible and intuitive. While new technology boasts time-saving efficiencies, you should be aware of any kinks. Make sure to have a dry run a couple weeks ahead of time. Go through a few sample registrations and see if you can find snags. Doing this will help ease any anxiety you may have about using new tech.

Making corporate event registration smooth and painless takes time and focus. Thinking ahead and being prepared for anything is key to running a successful setup. Though lines may be unavoidable at times, it’s your job to make the experience less irritating. Have ambient music playing, snacks, and friendly staff on standby so guests know they’re not just a number. Making a great first impression at registration means building trust and cementing relationships.

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