It’s not hyperbole to say that wireless connectivity is one of the most important features of any event these days. You absolutely need Wi-Fi for most event activities (there’s room for other options, but only in unique circumstances), and that means picking the right venues and types of technology. To stay on the cutting edge, you need to know the latest Wi-Fi solutions that attendees love – and we have a few trends for you to note.

Charging Kiosks

The trend of charging kiosks – locations you can charge mobile devices on the go – is in a healthy place right now. Even if your venue doesn’t offer kiosks of its own, there are many companies where you can rent these charging stations and set them up at strategic locations. Sponsors tend to like them too, and may even pay for them since these kiosks often come with built-in advertising options. Attendees with eyes on their draining batteries will love them as well – just make sure that you have enough!

Bandwidth Rental

Venue Wi-Fi options can vary: Sometimes what you have is what you get, and sometimes there’s room for renting additional Wi-Fi services or extra bandwidth. Look into renting additional services or buying a higher tier of services if you are expecting a larger group of attendees (100+, usually) who will probably all have smartphones or tablets. If you really need extra bandwidth, there’s usually a way to get it – and that’s often a better choice than having everyone’s connection drop out over time.


DAS stands for Distributed Antenna System. It’s a way of organizing the Wi-Fi networks and antennas in a particular building to create a stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signal with no dead zones. Not all venues offer this newer technology, but if wireless connections are paramount to your next event, look to see if these Wi-Fi solutions are offered: That should certainly raise the value of a venue for tech-heavy events.

Mobile POS

Mobile point of sale solutions aren’t necessary for every event, but if you or your sponsors are planning on selling products directly at your next event, then consider a mobile POS solution so that people can pay right there on the venue floor with their credit cards or smart wallet apps. This is a great way to boost sales, selling speed, and sales data collection.

Interactive Mapping and Proximity Services (iBeacon, etc.)

This refers to any Wi-Fi service that maps the building or uses proximity alerts to provide/collect information. The most famous Wi-Fi solutions here are typically connected to services like iBeacon, which use Bluetooth connections (not precisely Wi-Fi, but you get the idea) to note when mobile devices are close and send messages or alerts. This can be used for communication, information, and sometimes even marketing. Proximity and mapping services are particularly well-fitted to large events and big venues where they can provide maximum value – and help people know where they are.

If you aren’t sure which wireless tech solution you should use for your event, chat with an events specialist at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events and let us know how we can help out!