Attendees are the heart and soul of any event, but that means exhibitors are the bread and butter. Exhibitors invest their time, confidence, and (most importantly) money into your event, so it’s important to make them happy and keep them coming back year after year. Event Manager Blog has a few tips to ensure exhibitors get the maximum return on their investment.

  1. Emphasize investment, not payment – When you’re trying to sell event space to an exhibitor, it’s important to convey that they are making an investment. While an exhibitor can provide legitimacy to your event, their ultimate goal is to find new leads for their products and services.
  2. Demonstrate value with concise marketing materials – The decision for an exhibitor to attend an event is made by multiple people. Providing well-designed and targeted marketing material –both digital and print – will allow for easy distribution to key decision makers.
  3. Provide a personal touch– You might already have clearly defined exhibitor packages, but remain flexible. Discussing the specifics of what an exhibitor wants out of your event helps determine their needs. For example, they may want a booth space larger than your current offering. Accommodating such a need goes a long way.
  4. Get exhibitors and attendees in the same room– Discussing business opportunities can be an intimate affair and an exhibitor hall is rarely an intimate environment. Offering smaller, private spaces that exhibitors can occupy at a particular time could be a huge selling point.
  5. Make exhibitors easy to find– As you may know, an exhibit hall can be an exciting place, but if you provide easy-to-use tools that allow attendees to find exhibitors, it can streamline the entire process.
  6. Share attendee information– You’ll most likely gather a lot of valuable contact information on attendees, which you can later share with exhibitors. Marketing lists are invaluable and allow exhibitors to follow up with attendees in the days and weeks after your event ends.
  7. Offer non-exhibiting vendor guarantees –Non-exhibiting vendors are commonplace at many events, but can take business away from paying exhibitors. Disallowing these individuals from your event is added incentive for an exhibitor to make an investment.

Read more about 10 Tactics to Make Your Exhibitors happy at Event Manager Blog. A happy exhibitor is the best kind of exhibitor. Ensuring an exhibitor is happy is the best way to keep them coming back year-after-year. McVeigh Global Meetings and Events not only puts your event design on point but will have your exhibitors looking good, too.Partner with us today!