Sponsors and exhibitors are the heart and soul of conferences, and by implementing a few tactics to snag some big name sponsors, they can add serious legitimacy to your next event.

It’s important to know that sponsors and exhibitors are only drawn to events they find valuable. Although providing them with their own booths is an excellent start, according to Endless Entertainment, you still need to ensure they see tons of traffic on the show floor.

The following are a few strategies to drive traffic to sponsor and exhibitor booths, which will keep these valuable partners happy in the process:

  1. Encourage creative booth décor
    A booth with bold, eye-catching décor will attract attendees.  Depending on your experience with events, you know what attendees want to see. Don’t hold back when it comes to sharing trade secrets.
  2. Do they know about SWAG?
    Stuff we all get (SWAG) is a powerful way to attract attendees to a booth. But as we’ve covered in the past, not all SWAG is created equal! To avoid visitors simply grabbing their freebies and walking away, suggest offering SWAG as a reward for participating in a survey or questionnaire.
  3. Keep social media accounts active
    Event attendees are constantly on social media, and your sponsors and exhibitors should do the same. Event-wide social content encourages attendees to interact with sponsors and exhibitors, and will help them both digitally and on the show floor.
  4. Attach sponsors to an event or activity
    Whether it’s a raffle, button game, or exhibitor “passport”, these are all great activities to drive traffic to a sponsor or exhibitor’s booth. The additional layer of competition will inspire even the busiest attendees to visit every booth.
  5. Offer session sponsorships
    Give sponsors and exhibitors the chance to highlight their products and services with their own dedicated session or workshop. Attendees want to hear strong industry insights and learn about the latest solutions to help them both personally and professionally. Attaching a sponsor or exhibitor to a session is a fantastic way to further weave them into the event’s program.

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