Employee burnout is real after an undeniably turbulent two years. Heightened stress levels at work yield lower productivity, employee turnover and can overall crush the company culture you have worked so hard for. So, what are organizations doing to combat this burnout? Two words: recognition and reward. Many of our clients have come to us seeking help in facilitating employee recognition and reward programs at their events. We thought we would share the knowledge…

Corporate Gifting

With many organizations working permanently remote and still following close covid protocol, incentives may not be within reach. Not to worry – this is where corporate gifting shines. Corporate gifting is a surefire way to energize and reward employees right at their doorstep. The options are truly endless: seasonal/holiday gifting, on-site experiences, virtual event boxes and even custom gifting websites. Gifting websites are entirely custom with your branding and allow employees to select gifts at their leisure. This is a turnkey solution for organizations with a tight budget - interactive, cost-effective, and dependable. Something as simple as Yeti Koozies all the way to golf clubs or surf boards go a long way to show your appreciation.

We work with you to create impactful gifting experiences for your high performers. MGME creates corporate gifting solutions and manages the experience from start to finish. Whether employees and awardees are selecting a gift virtually through a website, or in person at your next live event, we facilitate the gifting experience to ensure they feel valued.

Giving Wall

Event or Gift Boxes

Event and gift boxes are an excellent solution for hybrid and virtual events or just a surprise “you are valued” delivery from leadership. Think – a welcome reception box filled with cheese, crackers, fruits, and a bottle of wine for virtual attendees. Or how about a relaxation box complete with fuzzy socks, an eye mask, and a robe for an employee that has gone above and beyond.

One of our clients recently needed to host their Annual Senior Leadership Meeting as a hybrid event. Beginning the hybrid experience, attendees received a room drop or a gift by mail called “Cali in a Kit.” Virtual attendees were also able to stream the “Live from the Lawn Podcast”, making them feel as if they were there. This is a great example of recognizing virtual attendees or employees.

Consider Mental Health

We all know how isolating working remotely can be. MGME has managed and executed many live and virtual team building activities both internally and for clients looking to bring employees together after a long 2 years of remote work. For a recent hybrid event our team produced, the virtual attendees were part of the Fireside Chat Live-Stream and had a “Virtual Buddy” to achieve the experience of a live attendee as closely as possible. They were mailed a “Campfire Cozy” themed event box which included a s’mores kit, Ghirardelli hot chocolate, a branded ceramic mug, branded fuzzy socks, a branded fleece blanket, a notepad and pen, and a Rubik’s cube! Online group games live with leaders, social posts on the platform and a Virtual Buddy Walk & Talk made the virtual a reality for virtual attendees.

At MGME we have found that employees are often more driven and rewarded when helping others. Utilizing a “Giving Wall” at events virtually or in person allows employees to give a donation in their name to a favorite charity. Giving walls create a sense of community as everyone is in support of collective goal. An element like this will ensure your employees not only feel rewarded, but also a sense of belonging.

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