One of the biggest reasons people attend events is for the networking opportunities. As an event host it’s your obligation to provide as many opportunities as possible, and luckily you can boost networking opportunities through various activities, environments, and engagements.

Event Manager Blog lends a few strategies to get your attendees talking and sharing ideas.

  1. Make your event fun!

An event with playful energy yields happy attendees; and happy attendees are more prone to engage with one another. Event entertainment and activities can get the “party” started and the social juices flowing.

  1. Design collaborative sessions

Attendees working towards a common goal is also an excellent networking opportunity. Design sessions that give attendees time to break into groups and test out their problem-solving skills. Not only will they passively learn, but they will actively engage with the material and each other.

  1. Keep attendees on the move

Packing attendees into a crowded, uncomfortable, and loud space isn’t conducive to networking. In fact, something as simple as positioning the bar on the opposite side of a space from the seating area will force attendees to get up and relocate from time to time, exposing them to their peers in the process.

  1. Don’t ignore marketing

The marketing efforts surrounding your event should have people showing up ready to network. Build hype so attendees are excited to be there. Focus on including individuals and they will view your event as a great networking opportunity instead of time away from their loved ones.

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