Global Pharma Embraces Multiple Virtual Meeting Platforms


A Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Client struggled to shift all meetings from live to virtual at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Working with the client alongside trusted partners on a limited timeframe, MGME was tasked with examining each program’s size and maneuverability within the virtual landscape while retaining the level of engagement and interactivity demanded by the client.


Virtual Platform Intelligence
MGME boasts a long history of supporting virtual programs of any scale.  The company’s  Virtual Meetings Team possesses a wealth and variety of intimate knowledge managing virtual platforms and problem solving.  The team’s working experience includes the most prominent virtual platforms in use across organizations: Intrado, Cisco Webex, Zoom and Adobe Connect among many others.

Trusted Partners
The client acknowledged that a singular virtual platform would not necessarily fit across a wide range of different pharmaceutical meeting types.  They historically relied on certain platforms, and required consultation on the implementation for others.  No single platform proved one-size-fits-all.  MGME managed oversight of the client’s existing preferred platforms while leveraging others to create a full suite of trusted partners. Each platform successfully met each specific meeting type’s demands.

Tiered Service Structure
To most accurately and efficiently transition and service the client’s different virtual meeting types, MGME employed its three-tiered system of virtual program support. This allowed the client to explore different options as well as size and scope of meeting.  Tier 1 was leveraged in support of smaller programs shifting to virtual, specifically in the form of Speaker Programs and Advisory Boards.  Tier 2 covers virtual Conferences, Webinars and the emerging hybrid format. Tier 3 was leveraged for very large virtual conferences and trade shows, incorporating everything from breakout rooms to 1:1 interaction across the likes of Product Theaters and Symposia.


MGME heard the client’s challenges and swiftly and efficiently walked them through the migration from live to virtual. This was done for each meeting type and their specific business requirements.  It is through MGME’s emphasis on continuing observation as the Life Science meetings industry continues to evolve that they collect and share best practices with clients. This includes what has been found successful and what may put a strain on the transition to virtual.  The team reached a level of compatibility with the client’s needs where each meeting’s nuances are addressed and supported according to MGME’s tiered platform system.