Connecting a National Audience through Virtual Meetings

Fortune 100 Pharma Streaming Broadcast

Fortune 100 Pharma
Life Sciences
Healthcare Professional (HCP) Broadcast
2000 Attendees
National Broadcast Webinar

Quick Facts

  • 2 Live Broadcasts
  • 150 Venues
  • 2000 Attendees


Our client needed to reach a large amount of national Health Care Providers (HCPs) following FDA approval of their product. Working with a limited budget, MGME needed to develop a more effective content delivery method capable of reaching a national audience.


To maximize coverage and reduce costs, MGME implemented webinars with faculty members to 150 venues, nationally. Two live streaming broadcasts were set up—one to accommodate the East and Central time zones, another for Mountain and West.

Faculty & Studio

Our team managed all faculty and studio contracting and logistics including food and beverage, air and ground transportation. The faculty for each program were paid honoraria, reimbursed for out of pocket expenses, hotel and ground transportation while traveling. All financials were reported through the client’s strategic meeting management portal.

Audience & Venue

For the audience, MGME sourced preferred venues, ensuring they met A/V requirements and compliance policies. Each venue utilized private rooms (4 walls, doors, ceiling). Audio/Visual production technicians conducted site inspections to verify venue connectivity for streaming broadcast quality. Menus were chosen based on the pharmaceutical’s cap for that meal.

To help promote the event, announcements were sent to sales representatives (2 months ahead) educating them on how to execute a program in their region. MGME created personalized invites for distribution to HCP attendees. HCPs registered through a secure website which:

  • Tracked RSVP status and updates
  • Distributed auto confirmation/reminders
  • Sent “Know before you go” emails to onsite logistics staff, sales reps and venue

The day of the broadcast, our onsite staff managed attendee check-in (signatures), F&B, room setup and financial payments. An onsite survey linked audience feedback/questions to faculty through smartphones or other devices.

Event Highlights

  • Honoraria was paid to faculty for only 2 events vs. 150
  • Speaker logistics (air, hotel, ground) 1 night vs. 150 nights
  • Comprehensive reconciliation provided to client within two weeks (Net, transparent expenses)
  • Total expenses are divided and reported among the number of attendees
  • Transfer of value is reported on for all Health Care Professionals